Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boys Over Flowers (Episode 3)

Jandi “saves” Jun Pyo from drowning.  I take back what I said about the two of them not having chemistry; I must have been sleepwalking through the first two eps or something because they totally have it!  IN SPADES!  She gives him CPR while everyone else just stands around … and waits for him to die?  XDD;;  lol I dunno why no one ran for help. Then he tries to make her kiss him again XD. He gets up and grins at her.  Man, this boy is a cutie.  She punches him HARD but he continues to smile :D! His friends, Woo Bin and Ee Jung, smile with pride.

 Jun Pyo is in a very good mood after this incident ^___^. He tells his household that they need to chillax. And then he looks outside the window to see there’s a storm brewing and declares, “It’s such a nice day!” His household looks at him like he’s grown three heads.  OH!  And how hilarious was he messing up the “early bird gets the worm” adage!  He said “the early worm dies first.”

Hyunjoong is still stiff, but he’s improved a lot from the last episode so this is promising! He breaks his violin strings and cuts his finger; Jandi comes to wrap it up in a hankerchief. Then she puts her umbrella over his violin, which I thought was so sweet T___T. 
 The terrible trio catches all of this on camera and show it to Jun Pyo (lounging around in Jandi’s pool with big white sunglasses lmao I just love him). 
He doesn’t take it too well and throws the girl’s camera on the ground. I get such a kick out of watching him be mean to those girls, lmao. He confronts her where Ji Hoo always plays his violin, tells her she’s playing him for a fool, and forcibly tries to kiss her.   She fights him off and he stops and asks her, “Do you hate it that much?” before walking away.  This was a superb scene, great acting from both leads.  I CAN’T STOP REPLAYING IT!  Everything about this scene was just perfect.  CHEMISTRY!  AND INTENSITY!

lol I thought this was a kind of awkward kiss (the angle of his head looks uncomfortable), but it was still lovely. And bittersweet. Jandi is standing right outside of the door and witnesses all of this.
He says he’s rented the place for the night so Jandi can cry and scream and do whatever she want to let out frustration about K-Shizuka (crap, i don’t remember what her Korean name is) and Ji Hoo kissing. And then he proceeds to say that if Ji Hoo had met Jandi first, before K-Shizuka, Ji Hoo would have fallen for Jandi. She looks at Jun Pyo questioningly and he tells her that she’s the only girl that he’s ever acknowledged. DYING SO HARD YOU GUYS!!! I also thought it was hilarious how he referred to himself in the third person and added the honorable -nim to his name.

She wakes up the next morning in his bed and he’s reading the Wall Street Journal XDDD. Loved that! There’s even an article about Obama and the Democrat party on the front page!

Jun Pyo finds out his mom has returned and he freaks out and calls all of the other F4 guys to figure out what to do about Jandi. Jun Pyo’s mom is seriously intense. The actress is so perfect for the part too! Totally has a Cruella deVil look about her. They put Jandi in a ridiculous dress and tell Jun Pyo’s mom that she’s their friend, a cute little sophomore they are training to be their F4 mascot. 

Jandi begs K-Shizuka to stay. Ji Hoo hears all of this. ANGST! Later he meets up with Jandi and tells her to stay out of his business. I really liked these scenes. Love Hyunjoong’s expression here.

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